We are looking back now at the first edition of the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire. And we couldn’t be prouder, happier and more grateful. We will keep adding more images from that fun day in April. Thank you to everyone who was involved in any kind. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Photos by @Rachael Torres and @Alexandra Proca

Cave Mapper

Young maker Sasha Jaffarove’s Cave Mapper. Photo @A.P.

Sasha Jaffarove

Sasha Jaffarove proudly presents her Cave Mapper. Sasha and her invention have been in Maker Faires for the last three years. Photo @A.P.

Dragons od Eden

Lucy Hoskings’s Dragons of Eden was definitely a site to remember. Photo @R. T.

Dragons of Eden

Lucy Hoskings’s Dragons of Eden was definitely a site to remember. Photo @R.T.

Aerial Art Santa Cruz

Aerial Art Santa Cruz put up two breathtaking shows. Photo @R.T.

Ice Cream Crank

Hand-cranked ice cream made on the spot is always the best. By Lively Ice Cream. Photo @A.P.

Local artist Yana strolled around and mesmerized everyone with her Treasures in a live art piece called Yana's Art Treasures. It turned out she could talk.

Local artist Yana Clark strolled around and mesmerized everyone. Live art piece called Yana’s Art Treasures. It turned out the artwork could talk! Photo @A.P.

Ed Martinez Collaborative Art Installation

Ed Martinez involved the public in creating an evolving piece of art. Photo @R.T.

Body Paint

This live piece of art took about five hours. The model proved he can have as much patience as required. Photo @A.P.






Body Paint

After about five hours of labor, Brenda Leach‘s art is walking around the campus. Photos @A.P.




MakeyMakey potato drums

IMG_8090 2 We beat the drums! Really hard. But we’ve used potatoes and bananas instead of drums through a software provided by Makey Makey. Photos @A.P.

Gateway's Disco Center

Gateway School Disco Center

Gateway School 4th grade students project developed in the Discovery Center. Some used one of the two 3D printers located at the school. Photos @A.P.

Gateway School Discovery Center

Gateway School 2nd grader project printed on 3d printer in the Discovery Center


SC Children's Museum of Discovery

Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery came with two main and might tools: wood sticks and modeling clay. No limit to imagination. Photo @R.T.




IMG_7991 2




We got to try an old but fully functional and beautiful Singer sewing machine with a hand crank offered by Fabrica. Photos @A.P.



FabMo and the tons of projects that can be done with their donated and collected fabric straps. We saw pouches, purses, home decorations and much more stuff. Photo @A.P.

Rube Brigade

Launch Brigade‘s project started with the wheel. Then came the steamer, the kettle and the hose. Photo @R.T.

Kaiwa Inventor's Club

Proudly presenting Ghost Car concocted in the Kaiwa Inventor’s Club booth Photo @A.P.


Babbage Engine

A working model of the Babbage difference engine No.1, a piece of Difference Engine No. 2 and the Analytical Engine – all made out of Meccan parts by Computing by Steam Photos @A.P.


UCSC robots

UCSC Autonomous System Labs invited us to touch, feel, and play. Robotics class? They got it! Photo @A.P.











Interactive Sandbox

Idea Fab Lab‘s Interactive Sandbox gathered around future geologists. Photo @R.T.


We had great entertaining for children. Photo @R.T.

Food trucks

Our food court was a display of the best gourmet items food trucks in Santa Cruz have to offer. Photo @R.T.

Lush succulent baskets made by Beloved Baskets & Decor

Lush succulent baskets made by Beloved Baskets & Decor Photo @A.P.


The ArtCrawler – a vehicle that combines machinery with making, design and art, science and education. Photo @R.T.

Saori weaving

We have learned a new technique of weaving called Saori and we made beautiful samples on the looms Jill Sanders of Saori Santa Cruz brought. Photo @R.T.

Knew Concepts saws

We tested the beautiful and durable saws made by Knew Concepts. They do cut with stunning precision! Photo @R.T.


It was all about touching, making, experiencing at the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire. Photo @R.T.

Air Powered Rockets

Gateway School provided a lot of fun with air powered rockets. Photo @R.T.

SC Mini Maker Faire

Gorgeous weather and tons of things to do for little and big people at the first Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire. Photo @R.T.




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