The first round of 25 exhibiting makers has been accepted to present their amazing projects and ideas at the Faire. Here’s just a sample of the Makers that will be on hand:


  • Be ready, you may encounter a ghost at Electric Seance. At this interactive spirit board, you can talk to spirit, ask questions, and find out what ties them to the earthly realm.


  • Test ride the Electric Tricycle, which corners like a bike and runs more safely than electric bicycles. It can be easily disassembled and reaches 18 mph.


  • At The ElectroMage, attendees can play a “light piano”, learn to control LED pixels with basic math, and explore the world of programming.


  • Formula Slug is a UCSC-based non-profit that offers hands-on engineering projects. We’ll feature the FS-0, an electric vehicle built last year for the Formula SAE Electric competition.


  • Check out the MAKESafe Power Tool Break. This revolutionary device is a must-have safety feature for any stationary power tool.


  • See what BMX racing is all about and get information about the local track at Manzanita Park in Prunedale. Learn to ride your bike (or a loaner) down a practice BMX gate.


  • Join UCSC’s Project AWEsome, which promotes women in the School of Engineering, to learn to count like a computer in the binary beading workshop. Learn binary while making jewelry and keychains.


  • In the Steamy Tech booth, you’ll be able to build kinetic fidgets, learn about gears, and add gears to a gear wall.


  • Marvel at the Towerdome, a new structural technology that uses geometry to allow buildings to be lighter and stronger than ever before while conserving ground space for the biosphere.


Many makers will be added in the coming weeks, so check back for more announcements!


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