We are republishing features on some of the returning makers for 2017. This piece first went up on 03.21.16. Stay tuned for features on our new exhibitors!

With an impressive 35 years experience as a librarian, Sandi Imperio, will be representing Santa Cruz Public Libraries at the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire. Sandi has devoted the past 20 years of her career to developing and implementing unique programs throughout the Santa Cruz Libraries. unnamed6Currently you can find her setting up Lego Robotics® at the Aptos branch or folding extreme origami creations at the La Selva Beach branch. With an incredible range of skills and an endless array of projects Sandi has been bringing the making culture to Santa Cruz County Tweens and Teens for two decades. Whether it is through a 7 foot paper dragon glistening with CD’s for scales, a life size Yoda inspiring us to use the force, Darth Vader’s visage painstakingly folded out of a dusty old book, 3D printed creations or stunning recycled jewelry it is clear that she brings a passion and joy for making to our community.

Sandi’s creations encompass many fields of study; she feels strongly that the key ingredients of passion and a drive to do something makes a project come together, and you learn the rest along the way. It is this drive that makes Sandi so good at inspiring others to stretch both their skills and imagination. Lately, Sandi’s work has focused on engineering simple machines using gears, unnamedpulleys and levers crafted with Legos. Most recently she has been adding motors, sensors, and servos with a bit of programming into the mix to tackle complex challenges with her students. Don’t let her knack for engineering fool you; she has a range of textile arts from silk screening to tie dye in her recent past, and her artistic focus has recently shifted to working heavily in the paper folding arts. Delving into a range of paper art including origami styles like 3D origami, kirigami, and extreme origami as well as the fascinatingly intricate art of book folding, Sandi combines math, paper and engineering into unique art.

Sandi will be exhibiting her work from the Santa Cruz Public Libraries at the Mini Maker Faire Saturday April 16th. Stop by her booth to check out her cool creations. See how machines are made out of Legos, what they can do and explore some of the programming behind them. Marvel at amazing paper art and take a shot at making some of your own folded masterpieces. This is a don’t miss opportunity to pick the brain of a passionate and knowledgeable maker with over 20 years experience in our own backyard.

All photos courtesy of Sandi Imperio

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