What is the Santa Cruz Mini Maker faire?

This is a family-friendly event that celebrates the creativity and inventiveness of companies and individuals in the Santa Cruz community. The Mini Maker Faire allows creators and tinkerers to showcase their work to the community, while the public comes to enjoy hands-on, interactive experiences, connect with like-minded people, and to be inspired. Maker Faire supports the ideas of passionate innovation, collaboration and joyful connection with others, and hands-on doing as a way of experiencing the world. Check out www.makerfaire.com for more!

Santa Cruz has a vibrant maker’s scene. The Mini Maker Faire will help makers network with other makers, provide opportunities for individuals and companies to showcase their innovative nature and new products, and inspire and educate our community about the amazing and creative makers who live and work here.

The theme for this year’s Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire is INVENTION LITERACY

Historically, literacy used to refer to being able to read and write. In the last several decades, new forms of literacy have been identified, including Digital Literacy (skills that are used in executing tasks in digital environments), Media Literacy (ability to think critically about different types of media), Information Literacy (ability to evaluate, locate, identify, and effectively use info), Political Literacy (knowledge and skills needed to actively participate in political matters), and Multicultural Literacy (knowledge and appreciation of other cultures) just to name a few (thanks to http://digitalis.nwp.org/ for these definitions).

The Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire will be focusing on another newly emerging form of literacy — Invention Literacy, an interdisciplinary skillset that combines creativity (the ability to bring one’s ideas into reality), entrepreneurship (perceiving an opportunity), problem solving (defining a problem, identifying the cause, determining solutions, and implementing a preferred solution), technological literacy (using technology effectively in different ways), and a variety of other skills to make, iterate, tinker and create!

We hope you explore this website, share it with your friends and your social media, and get in touch if you (or your company) wants to sponsor, present, or volunteer at this year’s Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire!


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