Dawn Stemadel always loved animals. But she grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where it was difficult to fulfill her desire to create a homestead that produced milk. In 2011 she took the opportunity to move to a twelve acre organic farm in Watsonville.  She began raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats and named her farm Lil Milkers Valley. Dawn chose Nigerian goats for their milk, which has the highest butter fat content of all milks and results in better cheeses and soap products. Additionally, these goats are praised for their docile and friendly nature. She has registered her goats with the American Dairy Association and she has a successful breeding program.  Lil Milkers Valley’s goats are in high demand, and they are especially sought after by families with children who are unable to drink cow’s milk.

Dawn is a self taught soap maker. She formulates her own recipes using food grade material and products from the earth. The flowers, herbs and honey used in her soaps come from her organic farm and the different shades found in her soaps come from natural clays sourced all over the world. The goat milk used in Dawn’s soaps offer many benefits for the skin. As goats graze they pull selenium from the earth and the selenium makes its way into the milk. Selenium is believed to help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, goat’s milk is high in Vitamin A which is thought to reduce lines and wrinkles and helps control acne. Dawn’s soaps are gentle and moisturizing and are especially good for people with dry and sensitive skin or those with eczema or psoriasis. Lil Milkers soaps have the same pH balance as human skin and they will not strip moisture away. After one year of using Dawn’s soaps you will no longer need moisturizer.

Dawn offers soaps that can be used head to toe. Each hand formulated soap is created to have different benefits: some are more cleansing, others are more sudsy. Please stop by Lil Milkers booth and try Dawn’s amazing hand crafted soaps.

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