Will Glass is a 16 year old sophomore at Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz. Will started making at an early age; at age 8 he learned to solder from a friend’s father. His own father helped him put together computer boards.  By age 11 Will had learned how to repair his own laptop and he scoured Grey Bears to find old Macs to tinker with. Soon he found his father’s old MacIntosh SE, a computer first introduced in 1987, featuring 1 MB of RAM. It was also the first computer to feature a built in hard drive.

In the summer of 2016, Will toured  DigiBarn in Boulder Creek. They put him in touch with Daniel Kottke, a college friend of Steve Jobs and one of the first employees of Apple. Daniel assisted Will in securing  a board identical to the original Apple 1. Will decided to create his own Apple 1 as a project to learn hardware technology. Daniel provided a lot of hardware knowledge and Will learned how to create his own Apple 1. Each Apple 1 is time consuming to create; it takes Will close to 100 hours from start to finish. Apple wave soldered each pin but Will must solder over 1000 pins by hand. This process is time consuming because he must trouble-shoot after each pin is soldered down. However, Will’s record for soldering over 1000 pins is 4 hours, an amazing feat!

Each of Will’s Apple 1s feature a 1 MHz 6502 processor invented by Mos Technology, and it would take approximately 4000 of these to equal the processing power of a modern computer. The Apple 1 uses 8 kilobytes of memory and 400,000 would be needed to equal a modern computer. Will uses a .1 millifarad solid state ceramic capacitator with 1 per every 2 memory chips. Will puts his own signature on all his Apple 1 boards; his power indicator has a CFFA card which puts BASIC and other languages on the card so that his board works faster.

Original Apple 1s sell for over $900,000 and Will hopes to sell his Apple 1s at a more affordable price in the future. Speaking of the future, Will hopes to study electrical engineering or hardware engineering in college. Please stop by and talk to Will about his Apple 1.

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