The inspiration for Yolanda Ruiz’s business “Yoli’s Adobo” came from watching her grandmother cook dishes when  Yolanda was a little girl.  “Birria” (goat meat) and “Barbacoa” (shredded beef) were the main dishes her grandmother made for the many people who came to celebrate Easter in their village; La Sauceda. As Yolanda got older, she started developing the love for cooking and started selling different types of Mexican style food and catering special events. She especially took advantage selling on the weekends; when people would leave church services in the plazas. From that point on Yolanda began to notice that her food and people make the perfect combination. In 2000, she came to the U.S with hopes of one day opening a business. Saving money and remembering the recipes her grandmother passed down, fifteen years later her dream finally became a reality. Yoli’s Adobo brings the unique and authentic flavor of Mexico right to your home.
 Yoli’s Adobo’s mission is to provide high quality 100% natural adobo so that people can easily prepare their Birria, marinated chicken, marinated shrimp, al pastor tacos, beef barbacoa, and many other dishes. Their menu is packed with classic dishes they create from scratch. They also offer easy to make recipes on their website: Daily specials incorporate seasonal, local ingredients. From delicious appetizers to tasty salads, inspired entrees to decadent desserts, your meal will be one of a kind. The Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire is very excited to have both Maker Yolanda and her amazing food at the Faire to help us celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

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