Burl Wood of Apocalypse Apothecary  is an herbalist, weaver, artist and musician. She owns an herbal pharmacy and a small clinical practice in downtown Santa Cruz.  Burl also teaches workshops in natural dyeing and medicine making.

Burl has a love for the land and an interest in developing a long term relationship with the land. She enjoys cultivating a sense of place which she accomplishes by tending the land and understanding our role in the ecosystem. Burl believes that the land we live on is ancestral and has been tended for thousands of years and that we must know the history and context of the land that we live on. For Burl, an integral part of cultivating the land and understanding its history is advocating for indigenous sovereignty rights. Her land tending perspective has led her to rely on plants that are labeled as invasive and native species that rely on fire and active management to thrive for her medicine and herbs.

She completed her formal education at the Motherland Botanical Sanctuary in Willits, Ca., where she focused on bioregional medicine; medicine that one grows and makes in one’s back yard. She then studied at The Philo School of Herbal Energetics, where she learned to make plant water medicine  and was influenced by the belief that all living things, including plants, are individuals with a collective conscious and knowledge of ancestral and present understandings of the world. Burl next studied at The California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville. Here she focused on clinical practice and the science and art of community health care.

Burl believes in the power of the body to heal itself and her  therapeutic approach comes from the perspective of traditional western herbalism as well as ancient Greek physicians.  She crafts formulas specific to each individual’s needs. Burl’s services are offered on a low cost, sliding scale and she offers personal consultations in person or over Skype or Facetime.  Please stop by Apocalypse Apothecary’s booth and see Burl’s incredible soaps, scarves, liniments and natural balms and salves.



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