Become A Sponsor of the Mini Maker Faire!

Your generous support will help us grow the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire in the Monterey Bay Area. The Mini Maker Faire inspires learning, creativity and invention throughout the community, so please consider getting on board!

Our sponsors are critical to our success. By sponsoring the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire, you link your company to the innovation and creativity of making. You also connect your business, product or publication to creators, makers and innovators, and can test your new ideas and products directly with consumers and receive immediate feedback. Sponsorships of many different types and sizes are available, depending on your needs:

  • Cash sponsorship

    There are available at a range of levels, so you can line up the way your small or local business wants to get involved

  • Media sponsorship

    Leverage your email and marketing options to promote, advertise, and publicize the event. Benefits are designed for each outlet dependent on the value of the contribution.

  • In-kind sponsorship

    Do you have something excellent to trade or contribute to the Faire? We’re looking for signage, printing, food, and event rentals, and we’re also open to other ideas. Make an offer!

Sponsors have the opportunity to connect with our onsite and social networking audiences and bring these individuals back to their businesses.

A range of opportunities are available, including a “sponsor discount tickets” code for client or employee benefits/entertainment.


2019 sponsorship brochure coming shortly; sponsor packages will be the same as the 2018 Sponsorship Packages

Please contact us regarding inquiries and arrangements for Sponsorships:


Need more convincing? Check out this video from Make:

Why Sponsors Love Maker Faire from Make: on Vimeo.